La sortie de la nouvelle démo de Street Fighter 6 est désormais disponible sur PlayStation.

# “Street Fighter 6” Launches Demo Ahead of Release

Exciting news for fighting game fans! “Street Fighter 6” is set to launch on June 2nd, but a demo is now available on PlayStation 5 and 4. Xbox Series X/S and PC users can expect the demo on April 26th.

With the demo, players can try out part of the game’s World Tour single-player mode and customize an avatar for use in the full game, as long as they play on the same platform.

# “Street Fighter 6” Showcase Reveals New Details

Capcom’s recent “Street Fighter 6” Showcase provided fans with tons of new information about the upcoming game. Here are some highlights:

– Five new characters were revealed, including a character from the “Final Fight” series.
– Improved netcode will make online gaming smoother and more stable.
– The game will feature a new “Vitality Gauge” mechanic that adds strategic depth to gameplay.
– Multiple gameplay modes will be available, including the new ” Arcade Tag Battle” mode.

These are just some of the many exciting aspects of “Street Fighter 6.”

# Watch the Full Showcase to Learn More!

For those who want to know everything about the new “Street Fighter 6,” make sure to watch the full showcase on YouTube. With all these new features, the game promises to be an exciting addition to the “Street Fighter” franchise.

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