Pourquoi des noms de jeux classiques tels qu’Atari et MapleStory continuent d’investir dans la blockchain.

MapleStory, the popular multiplayer game that was launched in 2003 and is still thriving today, is set to make the leap onto the blockchain. Developers are planning to incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a cryptocurrency, and playable Bored Apes into the game. MapleStory has a long history of keeping players engaged with frequent updates and fresh content, and developers are hoping that NFTs will offer a new way to keep the game fun and enjoyable for players. However, not all gamers are on board with the idea of NFTs, and some have criticized nostalgic gaming brands like MapleStory for prioritizing profits over fixing website glitches and bugs. MapleStory developers are aware of the mixed response to NFTs, but they still hope to bring the game to the blockchain and invite developers to build decentralized apps based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Written by Mathieu

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