Les lumières intelligentes WiZ sont désormais compatibles avec Matter.


Are you a fan of smart home technology? If so, WiZ’s latest updates will be of interest to you. The smart lighting company has upgraded all of its bulbs, lamps, and plugs manufactured in 2021 or later to the Matter standard. WiZ’s new app, WiZ v2, allows existing customers to migrate to the new standard directly within the app! The new app is also compatible with Matter-supported platforms like Apple Home. WiZ is owned by Signify, the same company that owns Philips Hue, which is expected to follow suit with a Matter update of its own, but the release has been delayed.

Matter offers several benefits to WiZ users. Previously, WiZ’s lighting line was only compatible with Apple Home through Siri Shortcuts. But with the new update, many of its products can be added to the Apple Home app and controlled with any other product supported by Apple Home. Additionally, Matter-supported products work on your home Wi-Fi network without relying on cloud services, so the bulbs will still work even if your internet connection goes down.

WiZ’s range of smart lighting options is vast, and the prices are much more affordable than parent-brand Philips Hue. The company boasts a wide range of bulbs, lamps, luminaires, string lights, and other outdoor products. The cost for a full-color smart A19 bulb is just $13, compared to $50 for Philips Hue’s single A19 bulb. Unlike Philips Hue, WiZ lights and plugs work via Wi-Fi and do not require a bridge or hub.


All WiZ lights and smart plugs manufactured since Q2 2021 are Matter compatible. While WiZ has not yet started selling products with the Matter logo, users can identify compatible models through WiZ’s FAQ page. To update to Matter, download the WiZ v2 app, and ensure you have a Matter controller like Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, or Google Nest Hub. Once you migrate your system to the new app, click on the Matter logo within the app to see a list of any devices that can be updated. You can start the migration process within seconds!

WiZ’s new update allows customers to control their lighting through any Matter platform. Turn lights on/off, change brightness and color temperature, and adjust color. However, advanced features will only be available through the WiZ app.


It seems like WiZ may be expanding beyond lighting., a German blog, recently posted a product image of a smart security camera from WiZ packaged with three WiZ bulbs and a Matter logo. Dubbed the Home Monitoring Starter Kit, the camera appears to have basic full HD video and IR night vision features. However, with WiZ’s SpaceSense technology, which uses bulbs’ Wi-Fi to detect motion, it could be an exciting entry into the home security market.

In conclusion, with WiZ’s new update, users can enjoy Matter compatibility with ease. The company is making smart home technology more accessible through its wide range of affordable products. Plus, with its possible entry into the security market, the future of WiZ seems brighter than ever.

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