Armored Core VI franchit le Rubicon en août.


Armored Core VI is set in the planet Rubicon, which has been destroyed by a coral energy source. The game’s main goal is to complete missions while fighting against other forces that are after the same resource.

New features have been added to the game that allow players to dash and close the gap between long-range and melee combat, thus keeping the pressure on enemies. The stagger feature is also in place, which allows players to stun enemy mechs with melee energy weapons, missiles and cluster bombs for a short period of time. These new enhancements are in addition to the widely appreciated hot mech-on-mech action.

Rubicon’s ruins are also open for exploration. The planet’s former inhabitants have built huge underground facilities and mega-structures. As a result of the great disaster, the planetary surface is wracked with extreme cold and contamination. Players will have to navigate through these environmental conditions.

Fans of the game were delighted when the release date was announced to be in 2023, a surprisingly short time period between game reveal and launch in comparison to other game announcements. FromSoftware fans can also look forward to the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree.

In conclusion, Armored Core VI adds a new way of gameplay to the already exciting mech-on-mech action that fans love. The game’s world is intricate and full of mega-structures and underground facilities that will provide hours of gameplay. 2023 is not far from now, so stay tuned!

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