Le premier trailer de Gran Turismo donne l’impression que le film déteste les joueurs.

# Sony’s Gran Turismo Film Trailer Has Gamers Skeptical

Are video games better left untouched when it comes to cinematic adaptations? According to the first trailer for Sony’s upcoming film, Gran Turismo, directed by Neill Blomkamp, racing sims might be better off left to the gaming world.

# A Thin Plot

Gran Turismo’s trailer showcases a story somewhere between a video game adaptation and a coming-of-age narrative. Based on the true story of Jann Mardenborough, who became a professional race car driver after winning a series of driving game competitions, the film follows Jann’s journey from a teenager with his head in the clouds to a professional driver with real-world skills.

# Showcasing Actual Cars Racing

The trailer highlights Gran Turismo’s ability to showcase actual cars racing, but also highlights a very thin plot consisting of people dunking on a kid for being into racing games before he proves his haters wrong by joining the big leagues. While the movie may be based on a true story, it’s almost certainly going to stand out as an example of one of those Video Game Movies™ people rag on for not feeling like something anyone asked for.

# Jann’s Journey To Becoming A Professional Racer

Although Jann’s working-class parents don’t believe in his virtual driving abilities, Jann enters the GT Academy competition and draws the attention of motorsport exec Danny Moore, who recognizes Jann’s talent and links him up with trainer Jack Salter. Against all odds, Jann proves himself and earns a shot at becoming a professional racer.

As video game adaptations continue to be adapted into films, the concern remains: are some stories meant to be left in the gaming world? Only time will tell when Gran Turismo hits theaters on August 11th.

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