AMD officialise le Ryzen 7840U et prétend qu’il peut surpasser l’Apple M2.

# AMD’s New Low-Power Laptop Chip with Potent Integrated Graphics Takes on Apple

As you may have heard, AMD has recently released a new low-power laptop chip with powerful integrated graphics. Companies like Asus, Aokzoe, and Ayaneo are already incorporating it into their handheld gaming PCs. However, until now, AMD had primarily designed this chip for powerful, thin laptops.

According to AMD, their new chip can outrun Apple’s M2 processor in application performance by up to 75%. Additionally, it can outperform Intel Core i7-1360P not only in productivity but also in graphics, as shown in the charts below.

## Performance Insights Visualized

AMD’s client PR manager Matthew Hurwitz mentioned that their chip offers up to a 24% increase in application performance over the company’s 6850H chip. However, while claiming to offer leadership efficiency and exceptional battery life, AMD has not yet shared any battery life details. It’s possible that they don’t yet know, as all benchmarks were run on a reference board rather than a laptop.

Hurwitz assured that we can expect more information on battery life and gaming FPS soon. Framework, Razer, Acer, HP, and Lenovo have already decided to use these chips, among others.

## AMD’s New 15- to 30-Watt Lineup of U-series Parts

The AMD 7840U is not alone in AMD’s new 15 to 30 watts lineup of U-series parts. The Ryzen 9, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 3 series parts will also feature three different tiers of graphics, including the 12-core Radeon 780M, eight-core Radeon 760M, and four-core Radeon 740M.

With this range, AMD plans to capture a significant portion of the highly competitive low-power laptop market. While currently, Apple’s M2-powered laptops are reigning champs in the battery life realm, AMD’s new chip has the potential to give Apple a run for its money.

Stay tuned for more updates and performance insights as AMD releases more information about their new low-power laptop chip.

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