L’exposition d’art Pokémon célébrant l’artisanat japonais arrive à Los Angeles.


Are you a fan of Pokemon and art? Then you might want to plan a trip to Los Angeles this summer to visit The Pokémon Company’s upcoming craftwork exhibition in collaboration with Japan House Los Angeles.

The exhibition, called Pokemon × Kogei, features over 70 pieces of handcrafted art from 20 different artists in a variety of mediums. Each artwork creatively channels the world of Pokemon and honors traditional Japanese artistry through the ingenious creations of metal artist Morihito Katsura and sculptor Taiichiro Yoshida, among others.

Pokemon × Kogei is divided into three main sections: Life, Stories, and Appearance. Each section challenges the artists’ ability to bring Pokemon to life through various mediums. For instance, in the “Appearance” section, the craft artists challenge the Pokemon by depicting their forms, skin, fur, gestures, and expressions. While in the “Stories” section, they imagine the adventurous journeys, lives, evolutions, and inherent special qualities of each Pokemon.

True to the spirit of the Pokemon games, Pokemon × Kogei will switch up the selection of artworks on display throughout the duration of its five-month-long exhibition. This encourages repeat visits and creates a sense of an environment full of living creatures. Considering how conceptual some of the exhibition’s pieces are, multiple viewings are recommended to fully appreciate the artists’ ingenious creations.

The exhibition runs from July 25th, 2023, to January 7th, 2024. Tickets are free, making this exhibition accessible to anyone who wants to celebrate Japanese culture through the art of Pokemon.

– Press release about the exhibition from Japan House Los Angeles
– Information about the exhibition from Japan House Los Angeles website

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