Le nouvel écran LG UltraGear de 49 pouces concurrence le Samsung Odyssey G9 de 240 Hz.

# LG Releases New UltraGear Monitor for Immersive Gaming

LG has launched a new monitor for gamers seeking immersive and quick performance. The 49-inch LG UltraGear features a 1000R curved ultrawide VA panel, with a 32:9 aspect ratio and 5120 by 1440 resolution, comparable to Samsung’s Odyssey G9.

While the Samsung monitor offers both FreeSync and G-Sync VRR, along with the company’s gaming-centric HDR10 Plus, the LG UltraGear supports FreeSync Premium Pro along with the High Dynamic Range standard HDR10. However, the LG monitor doesn’t offer USB-C to easily plug and charge a laptop, although it does have a USB 3.0 Hub.

If you are less interested in gaming and more concerned with productivity, LG offers a same-sized monitor with similar features. This could be suitable for multi-windowed web-browsers and Excel users, as the monitor’s resolution can display columns A through CA at 100% zoom.

While the LG UltraGear doesn’t use cutting-edge display technology like Samsung’s QD-OLED and “8K” Mini-LED Odyssey gaming monitors, it provides a larger screen and is available at a lower price. Nevertheless, watch out for possible sales on both the LG monitor and the Odyssey G9, which sometimes falls below the $1,300 mark.

In summary, the new 49-inch LG UltraGear is specifically for gamers drawn to its immersive size and quick performance. On the other hand, the monitor is not recommended for those searching for a USB-C option to charge their laptops. Purchase the monitor that offers features that align with your personal needs.


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