Les premiers routeurs Wi-Fi 7 de TP-Link, Deco BE85 et Archer BE800, sont arrivés.

TP-Link is set to launch its first-ever Wi-Fi 7 routers, the Deco BE85 mesh system and the powerful Archer BE800 single access point router. While the Wi-Fi 7 spec is still being finalized, TP-Link is not waiting on certification and is following the lead of Netgear and Asus in releasing products using the new standard. Wi-Fi 7 promises overall improvements to Wi-Fi speed and experience, with massive throughput-increasing features that should offer up to twice the speed over the air. TP-Link’s routers are technically capable of up to 19Gbps and support free and pro versions of TP-Link HomeShield network security package.

The Deco BE85 uses eight antennas per mesh node and can cover up to 9,600 square feet. It boasts two 2.5Gbps ports and two 10Gbps ports per node, and employs AI to control roaming. It supports wired backhaul and multi-link aggregation for wireless backhaul, which is likely to be faster than Gigabit.

The Archer BE800 looks like a rejected Xbox design, with a pseudo-x-shaped outer shell and black front grate. It has over 3,000 graphics on its dot matrix LED display, showing the weather, time, and emoji. Its wireless capabilities are on par with the BE85 kit, with the same number of bands, antennas, and potential throughput. It can also create a separate network for smart home devices.

While TP-Link’s routers are not labeled “gaming routers,” they offer similar features to those offered by the gaming-range Archer GE800.

These expensive devices are not recommended for purchase yet, as the specs will not be final until later this year, and other companies are likely to start announcing routers that support Wi-Fi 7. Nonetheless, TP-Link’s routers are backward-compatible and will work with all the devices you already own, and represent a potential future-proof investment.

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