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Are you a fan of multiplayer games but struggle to commit to its demands? Do you find yourself getting punished for leaving games prematurely due to real-life situations? If so, you’re not alone.

Recently, a player of popular game Dota 2 was placed in the “low priority punishment pool” for leaving games due to urgent phone calls and other responsibilities. This pool is a lonely place, and it can take up to 20 minutes to find enough players to queue up with. What’s more, you’re required to earn several victories to escape this matchmaking pool, which can take many hours to achieve.

While the punishment system is designed to deter players from leaving games prematurely, it can also unfairly punish players who have real-life responsibilities. The game and its moderators should recognize that not all players can commit to the demands of the game, and create a space for players who want to intentionally lower the stakes.

Players who participate in this mode would agree that it’s okay to leave early if necessary. This would accommodate players who are learning the game or trying out new things. It would also benefit players who have real-life demands that require their attention, such as parents attending to their children, among others.

The current system uses a score system to determine a player’s conduct in the game. While effective, it can be abused by other players to report petty issues. A better system would be to have moderators and the game itself recognize the reason for players abandoning games. For example, if a player leaves a game due to an urgent phone call, the game could verify this reason and not count it as an abandonment.

Multiplayer games should consider these solutions to make the gaming experience more inclusive and accommodating to players who cannot commit to its demands. It will improve the moderation process, make the game fairer, and create a more welcoming environment for all players.

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Written by Barbara

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