J’ai suivi mon propre conseil et acheté un iPhone de dernière génération – je ne regrette rien.


As someone who spends her days helping people pick out the best phone for them, I recently upgraded from my iPhone 11 to the iPhone 13 Mini. Having tested many high-end phones, I knew what I was looking for in a new device. Here’s why I chose the iPhone 13 Mini over the iPhone 14.

## The iPhone 14 is Not Significantly Better Than the iPhone 13

After a week of using the iPhone 14 before it was released, I concluded that it was a great phone, but not worth upgrading from the iPhone 13. Unless you spend a lot of time out of cell range or your carrier is offering a great deal, there is no significant reason to buy the iPhone 14 over the iPhone 13.

## Why I Chose the Mini

As someone who loves small phones, the iPhone 13 Mini was a natural choice. Since it is likely the last good small phone, why not enjoy its compact size while it lasts?

## Camera and Other Features on the 13

Although the iPhone 14 has better camera hardware and processing, the iPhone 13 still has a decent camera that takes great portrait mode photos and very good videos with an ultrawide lens for a dramatic effect. It also has photographic styles and cinematic video mode.

The iPhone 13 Mini is a fast and responsive device with an A15 Bionic processor, wireless charging, and MagSafe. While battery life may not be its strong point, it comfortably gets me through a day of moderate use. It also fits snugly into the outer pocket of my mom-at-the-playground-chic belt bag.

## What the 13 Mini Lacks

The only downside of the iPhone 13 Mini is that it lacks some features of the iPhone 14 Pro, such as the smooth-scrolling 120Hz screen, telephoto lens, always-on display, and improved emergency SOS.

## Final Thoughts

The choice between the iPhone 13 Mini and the iPhone 14 ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget. While the iPhone 14 may have slightly better features, it’s not worth the extra expense for most people. As for me, I preferred the compact size and features of the iPhone 13 Mini and don’t regret my decision.

What do you think?

Written by Barbara

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