Les diplômés de l’Université de Boston ont sérieusement critiqué David Zaslav.


At the recent Boston University commencement ceremony, CEO of Discovery Inc. David Zaslav was met with jeers and boos throughout his entire speech. Attempting to relate to the class of 2023 by reminiscing about his time at Boston University as a law student, Zaslav’s uninspired speech did not sit well with the audience.

Zaslav used his time to speak on finding fulfillment in one’s career, recounting his own experience of leaving a well-paying job at a prestigious firm because he found the work of writing prospectuses deeply unfulfilling. However, this advice was met with pushback from the crowd who told him to “pay [his] writers.” Demonstrations were also held outside the event in protest of the Writers Guild of America’s ongoing negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Despite the hostility, Zaslav pressed on, attempting to share a lesson he learned from his mentor, former General Electric CEO Jack Welch. Welch preached the importance of “knowing how to get along with everyone, and that includes difficult people” in order to be successful. Zaslav emphasized the need to navigate challenges with others in the workplace and to pay attention to one’s weaknesses in order to improve.

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