Le Fire Max 11 est la nouvelle tablette haut de gamme d’Amazon au toucher premium pour 230 $.


Amazon has released a new addition to its Fire tablet lineup, the Fire Max 11. With an 11-inch screen, this is the company’s largest-screened tablet to date. Unlike the previous models that had plastic bodies, this tablet features an aluminum body that looks and feels more premium. However, it is still a budget-friendly device that focuses on media consumption rather than offering the premium features found in iPads and Galaxy Tabs.

The Fire Max 11 starts at $230, which is $80 more than Amazon’s previous biggest screen model, the Fire HD 10. This extra cost includes new features such as a trackpad keyboard option and stylus support for users interested in boosted productivity. The tablet is also equipped with an eight-megapixel front and rear camera, and upgraded upward-firing speakers for better audio quality.

During the pandemic, Amazon noticed a significant shift towards 8- to 10-inch devices and an increase in light productivity use cases among its Fire tablet users. As a result, Amazon designed the Fire Max 11 with these use cases in mind, featuring support for a new $90 magnetic keyboard with a trackpad attachment and a stylus with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, which costs only $35.

The Fire Max 11 runs on Amazon’s fork of Android 11 called Fire OS 8. The company promises to provide security updates for at least four years, placing it in direct competition with the 10th-generation iPad from Apple. Although the Max 11 is mainly used for connecting with Amazon services, it offers users recommendations on the “For You” page and promotes content from third-party services like Netflix and Disney+.

The Max 11 can be ordered now on Amazon in addition to accessories like the new $50 slim standing case. For users interested in increasing productivity, there is a productivity bundle for $329.99 that includes the keyboard case, stylus, and three months of Microsoft 365 service. The tablet is also equipped with a fingerprint reader built into the side power button for extra security.

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