Skull Island de Netflix est une terreur remplie de Titans, selon la première bande-annonce de la série.


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Netflix has been discreet about its upcoming Skull Island animated show, set in Legendary’s MonsterVerse, announced two years back. Recently, it has been revealed that the show, produced by Powerhouse Animation and executive produced by Brian Duffield and Jacob Robinson, will air on June 22nd.

The show follows a group of shipwrecked researchers who land on a remote island paradise, only to find it infested by gargantuan monsters. The new trailer focuses on how these animals are cunning enough to keep their unwelcome visitors stranded.

Despite the absence of blondes on the island and Godzilla’s minimal presence, King Kong seems to take a special interest in one female character, reflecting his fascination with human women and hostility towards other Titans.

Netflix’s Skull Island brings a unique adventure for the viewers with monster clashes and human dilemmas.


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