La Xbox Series X est en vente chez Dell avec une réduction de 50 $ – un prix historiquement bas.

**RARE DEAL: Xbox Series X Available at a Discounted Price on Dell**

If you thought you missed out on the Amazon Prime Day deals for the Xbox Series X, think again! In a surprising turn of events, Dell is offering a rare opportunity to buy Microsoft’s next-generation console at a discounted price of $449.99, which is $50 off the original price.

Revolutionary Features of the Xbox Series X

Unlike its smaller counterpart, the Xbox Series S, the Xbox Series X boasts impressive features that make it a noticeable step up from the entry-level system. Equipped with a built-in Blu-ray drive, this console allows gamers to enjoy both physical and digital titles. With 1TB of storage, the Xbox Series X offers double the capacity of the Series S, ensuring that gamers have plenty of space for their favorite games. Additionally, the console’s enhanced processing power and support for 120Hz gaming create an immersive and lag-free gaming experience.

Tap into the Best Deals in Gaming

Purchasing the Xbox Series X not only grants access to top-notch gaming hardware but also unlocks access to the highly acclaimed Xbox Game Pass. With this subscription service, gamers can enjoy a vast library of games, including exclusive titles and upcoming releases. One such eagerly anticipated title is Starfield, set to be released in the fall. By owning the Xbox Series X, gamers can be among the first to experience this highly anticipated game.

Don’t Miss Out on this Dell Exclusive

This Dell exclusive offer to buy the Xbox Series X at a discounted price is a rare opportunity that should not be missed. With a limited time window, it is essential to act swiftly and secure your console. Make the most of this chance to dive into the world of next-generation gaming and enjoy the cutting-edge features and incredible gaming experiences offered by the Xbox Series X.

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– News article: [Starfield release date announcement](

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