EA Sports FC 24: premier aperçu et date de lancement.

**EA Sports FC 24: A New Era for Soccer Gaming**

# EA’s New Soccer Franchise, EA Sports FC, Set to Launch Soon

EA’s post-FIFA future is about to begin with the introduction of its new soccer franchise, EA Sports FC. In an eagerly awaited livestreamed event, the publisher has announced that the game will be available for early access on September 22nd and will have a wider launch on September 29th. Excitingly, EA Sports FC will be playable on a range of platforms including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. You can get a sneak peek of the game in the official gameplay trailer.

# EA CEO Andrew Wilson’s Ambitious Vision for EA Sports FC 24

The launch event commenced with EA CEO Andrew Wilson sharing a heartfelt personal connection to the world of soccer, highlighting his history with the sport during his time at EA Sports. Interestingly, Wilson managed to emphasize the evolution of the franchise without mentioning “FIFA” once. He expressed his optimism for the new title, stating that it marks another significant advancement for the company. Wilson’s ultimate goal is to unite 1 billion soccer fans through this game.

# Cutting-Edge Features in FC24

FC24 is powered by an enhanced version of EA’s Frostbite engine, which incorporates a groundbreaking technology known as Hypermotion V. This technology allows for the rapid creation of new game animations in a matter of days. Another innovative feature called “playstyles” utilizes real-world player data to deliver more realistic representations of actual players in the game.

# New Leagues, Partnerships, and Exclusive Agreements

EA is expanding its presence in women’s club soccer, following the introduction of this feature in FIFA 23. Two new leagues covering professional clubs in Germany and Spain will be included, along with the addition of women’s soccer to the popular “ultimate team” mode. Furthermore, EA has secured “exclusive” agreements with the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, as demonstrated by the presence of legendary players like Luis Figo and Ronaldinho on stage, carrying trophies.

# FC Tactical: A New Mobile Game Experience

In addition to the main game, EA also revealed a new mobile game called FC Tactical. This turn-based take on soccer promises to offer a unique and engaging gameplay experience on mobile devices.

# FIFA’s Presence in the Gaming Industry Continues

Despite the launch of EA Sports FC 24, FIFA has not abandoned the video game space entirely. Although their initial post-EA efforts have been less thrilling, the governing body remains involved in the industry.

# Countdown to the FIFA Women’s World Cup

The announcement of EA Sports FC 24 comes at an exciting time, just a week before the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off in Australia and New Zealand.

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