Pokémon Sleep est une paresse.


## It’s a bit of a snooze.

The gaming world was abuzz with excitement when **Pokémon Sleep** was announced. This unique game captures your attention, not only as an enjoyable gaming experience but also as an application that encourages you to get a good night’s sleep. However, after spending a significant amount of time with the app, it becomes clear that there is much to be desired.

## Researching Sleep Habits of Pokémon

The core premise of **Pokémon Sleep** revolves around research, a concept that is central to the entire Pokémon series. The game introduces players to Professor Neroli, a rumpled yet charming professor, who is studying the sleeping habits of Pokémon. The player’s goal is to discover and document as many different sleeping positions of these fantastical creatures as possible, filling out their pokédex.

## Tracking Sleep and Waking Up to Pokémon

To engage with the game, players simply place their phones face down under or beside their pillows, allowing the app to track their sleep. Points are awarded based on how closely players achieve the recommended 8.5 hours of sleep per night. Upon waking up, players are greeted with a delightful experience as Pokémon have gathered at their virtual campsite for a nap. Feeding them cookies allows players to befriend these sleeping Pokémon and have them join their team.

## Aesthetically Pleasing but Lacking Substance

One of the standout features of **Pokémon Sleep** is its adorable visuals. The soft and charming 2D art style brings these sleeping Pokémon to life, showcasing their various creative sleep positions. However, beyond the initial visual appeal, the game lacks depth and fails to engage and motivate players to improve their sleeping habits.

## An Overreliance on In-App Purchases

Unfortunately, **Pokémon Sleep** suffers from an excessive reliance on in-app purchases. The cookies needed to befriend Pokémon can mostly only be obtained through paid transactions, with only one free cookie available per day. Additional premium currency, called diamonds, must be used to purchase cookies, incense, and expanded storage space. The game provides a limited amount of diamonds, making it challenging to fully enjoy the experience without frequently making additional purchases.

## A Missed Opportunity

Considering the straightforward nature of the game, the inclusion of extensive premium elements seems out of place. The game could have solely focused on encouraging players to achieve better sleep quality and enjoy the anticipation of discovering adorable sleeping Pokémon in the morning. Unfortunately, the unnecessary complexity created by paid features detracts from the core appeal of the app.

## Pokémon Sleep Availability

**Pokémon Sleep** is now available for both **iOS** and **Android** devices, allowing players to embark on their quest to document the captivating world of Pokémon sleep.

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