La vidéo divulguée dévoile que la console portable Sony Project Q PlayStation fonctionne sous le système Android.



A recently leaked video posted on Twitter by Zuby_Tech has shed some light on the highly anticipated Sony Project Q handheld game-streaming device. While the video showcases a basic version of the Android OS running on a wrapped prototype, it does provide valuable clues about the device’s menu system and features. Let’s dive into the details.

**The Leaked Video**

In the leaked video, the individual quickly navigates through the device’s menu, giving us a glimpse into its user interface. It is important to note that the displayed menu is unlikely to be the final version, but it does give us a general idea of what to expect. The low-resolution quality of the video makes it challenging to discern specific details; however, we can make out a set of four buttons at the top of the tablet portion, alongside centered holes on the top and bottom edges that could potentially be microphones. Additionally, there appear to be speaker slots on the top edge of the device.

**Additional Insights from Zuby_Tech**

Zuby_Tech also provided additional insights through a tweet that featured an image of the tablet with its screen removed. This image revealed the frame behind the tablet and provided a glimpse into its internal components.

**Project Q’s Features and Functionality**

For a more comprehensive overview of the Project Q, we recommend referring to our coverage of its May announcement, in which Sony revealed that the device will feature an 8-inch tablet framed by DualSense controllers. Unlike the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, the Project Q will not function as a standalone gaming device. Instead, it serves as an accessory for the PS5, allowing users to stream games from their console. This positioning makes it more comparable to the Nintendo Wii U.

During the PlayStation Showcase announcement, Sony provided limited details about the Project Q. However, we do know that it will feature a 1080p LCD display running at 60fps and will connect to the PS5 via Wi-Fi. Running on Android OS opens up possibilities for expanded functionality, leaving room for exciting potential developments.

**In Conclusion**

The leaked video showcasing the Sony Project Q provides valuable insights into the device’s menu system and key features. While the displayed menu is not representative of the final version, it offers a glimpse into the device’s user interface. Additionally, the image shared by Zuby_Tech provides further clues about the device’s internal components. As we eagerly await more details on the Project Q, we can only anticipate the unique gaming experience that Sony is sure to deliver.


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