Paramount Plus a dévoilé en avant-première son épisode de crossover grandiose de Star Trek.


# Surprise Early Release of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode at San Diego Comic-Con

**San Diego Comic-Con** might be lacking in big casting announcements and star-studded panels this year due to the ongoing actors’ strike, but **Paramount Plus** has managed to surprise fans in a different way. The streaming service has released the next episode of **Star Trek: Strange New Worlds** five days ahead of schedule, much to the delight of fans. This particular episode is highly anticipated as it features a crossover with the live-action version of some of the cast from **Star Trek: Lower Decks**. As someone who has already had the pleasure of watching this episode, I can confirm that it lives up to all the excitement surrounding it.

The absence of actors on strike at San Diego Comic-Con has resulted in a more subdued event compared to previous years. The lack of major casting announcements and star-studded panels has forced studios to find alternative ways to promote their shows. Paramount Plus took the opportunity to surprise fans with the early release of this episode.

Titled “Those Old Scientists,” **Episode 7** is now available to stream and successfully brings together the characters from the frenetic animated show **Lower Decks** with the more traditional Star Trek world of **Strange New Worlds**. Jack Quaid and Tawny Newsome seamlessly transition between the two mediums, and the seemingly outrageous moments are easily explained within the context of the future. After all, things tend to be stranger in the future.

While the characters from **Strange New Worlds** may struggle to match the energy of their **Lower Decks** counterparts, the actors portraying them effortlessly create a seamless connection between the two very different shows. Even in its most absurd moments, the crossover feels organic and not forced.

As a viewer, I was pleasantly surprised when I tuned in to watch this episode. Since the announcement last year at SDCC, I had been cautiously excited, wondering how they would manage to merge two seemingly disparate tones. One show revolves around a group of extraordinary heroes traveling the stars and saving the universe, while the other is a frequently raunchy comedy focused on the ship’s support staff. However, **Strange New Worlds** has always excelled at navigating various genres and handling tonal shifts with elegance.

It turns out that when you bring together a talented and committed group of actors on a sound stage, magic can happen. Their collective effort ensures a seamless experience for viewers.

With **Episode 7** already airing today, the remaining episodes of the season will be released slightly earlier than expected. **Episode 8** of **Strange New Worlds** is set to air this Thursday, July 27th, followed by **Episode 9**, a much-anticipated musical episode, on the Thursday after that. The season finale, **Episode 10**, will air on August 10th.

Feel free to tune in and immerse yourself in the captivating world of **Star Trek: Strange New Worlds**. It’s a unique blend of science fiction, comedy, and captivating storytelling that will leave you wanting more.

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds aura droit à un épisode musical suite à l’annonce du SDCC 2023