Microsoft a divulgué son outil interne qui permet d’activer des fonctionnalités secrètes de Windows 11.


# Introduction
Microsoft has unintentionally leaked its internal app called “StagingTool” that allows employees to enable secret features of Windows 11 that have not yet been released to the public. Previously, Windows enthusiasts had to rely on third-party tools to access these hidden features that Microsoft had not enabled for all testers. However, with the accidental release of StagingTool, the Windows community now has access to an official tool similar to the third-party ViveTool app.

# StagingTool – Enabling Secret Windows 11 Features
StagingTool is a command line app that allows users to toggle feature IDs, thus enabling certain unreleased parts of Windows 11. This tool is particularly useful when Microsoft implements A/B testing for features, where only a small subset of Windows Insiders has access to a feature before its wider release to testers.

# Uncovering Hidden Features in Windows 11
Windows enthusiasts eagerly await each new build released by Microsoft for testing, as these builds often contain hidden flags that enable new features. This enables the Windows community to discover the experimental additions that Microsoft is testing, even before the company acknowledges their existence.

# The Accidental Release and Bug Bash Event
The accidental release of Microsoft’s StagingTool occurred during the company’s “bug bash” event, which aims to gather feedback from Windows 11 testers to identify and eliminate any remaining bugs. This event precedes a major Windows 11 update expected to include native support for RAR and 7-Zip files, set to be delivered in September.

# Community Response
The StagingTool discovery quickly spread among the Windows community after Twitter user XenoPanther first uncovered it. Although Microsoft promptly removed the tool, it had already been widely shared. This internal tool’s leak has made the process of enabling secret Windows 11 features easier and more “official,” given its status as an internal tool used by engineers to test unreleased features.

# Microsoft’s Acknowledgment
Microsoft is aware that some features intentionally remain disabled in the builds it releases for testing. Amanda Langowski, the lead for the Windows Insider Program, acknowledged this fact in a blog post last year, recognizing that some technically inclined Insiders have found ways to enable these disabled features.

# Conclusion
As Microsoft accidentally leaks its internal StagingTool app, Windows enthusiasts now have an official tool at their disposal to enable secret and unreleased features in Windows 11. This accidental release highlights the community’s ongoing interest in discovering and exploring new features before their official announcement by Microsoft.

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