Barbie génère 1 milliard de dollars au box-office mondial.

# BARBIE: A Groundbreaking Success for Female Directors

**Barbie**, the latest movie from a solo female director, has achieved a remarkable feat by grossing over a billion dollars internationally. This accomplishment places it among the select few female-directed films to achieve this milestone, such as *Frozen* and *Frozen II* (co-directed by Jennifer Lee alongside Chris Buck), and *Captain Marvel* (co-directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck) [source].

Warner Bros. Pictures president of domestic distribution, Jeff Goldstein, expressed his excitement about this significant achievement, stating, “It’s a good club to be in” [source]. The response from audiences has been overwhelming, confirming what the creators have known from the beginning. “Barbie” is not only an incredibly special film, but also the theatrical event of the summer, if not the entire year, further emphasized Goldstein [source].

Moreover, this success has set the stage for more potential hits from Mattel, the toy manufacturer behind Barbie. According to reports, Mattel is considering adapting various iconic toys such as Hot Wheels and Uno, following the triumph of the Barbie movie [source]. With this groundbreaking accomplishment, Mattel aims to uncover additional opportunities for success, capitalizing on the popularity of their extensive toy catalog.

In the movie “Barbie,” Margot Robbie takes on the role of the sublime lead protagonist, while Ryan Gosling portrays the beloved character of Ken [source].

This triumph marks a significant breakthrough for female directors, as well as a promising development for Mattel. With the success of “Barbie,” the door is open for more diverse and exciting ventures in the world of cinema, reinforcing the importance of representation and inclusivity on the big screen.

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