Selon des rapports, Sony propose désormais en version bêta publique la diffusion en streaming de jeux PS5 en 4K via Internet.

# Sony Launches PS5 Cloud Gaming Beta Test with 4K Streaming

Sony has officially announced the beta test for its cloud gaming service for PlayStation 5 (PS5) users, and it seems to be making quite a splash. Many gamers have reported receiving invitations to participate in the public beta test, which allows them to stream games to their PS5 consoles at resolutions of up to 4K.

This news comes as a surprise, as Sony had not previously revealed that the streaming would support 4K resolution. While the exact meaning of “4K” remains unclear, this development is significant and exciting for gamers.

Although we have yet to receive confirmation from Sony about the public beta test, users on the popular gaming forum ResetEra claim to have gained access to it. According to ArashiGames, participants in the beta can choose from resolutions of 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p (4K), with the added benefit of automatic cloud saves that allow seamless continuation of gameplay from any device.

The ability to save game progress in the cloud may seem like a standard feature in today’s gaming landscape. However, in early versions of Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service, users were unable to import save files from their PS3 consoles. This new feature ensures that gamers can easily access their previously saved games on the cloud.

The question remains whether the 4K “max resolution” refers to the render resolution (gaming graphics) or the streaming resolution (actual image size). Nevertheless, high resolution is crucial for cloud gaming, as images need to be compressed for efficient transmission across the internet. Without proper compression, the gameplay experience may be compromised by visual artifacts.

Streaming games at 4K resolution significantly improves the overall quality, even for players without a 4K display. Similar services like Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Google Stadia offered 4K streaming but at an additional cost. Sony’s decision to include 4K streaming as part of the beta test is a welcome move for gamers.

ArashiGames has revealed several titles available for streaming during the beta, including popular games like God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Destiny 2, Returnal, Demon’s Souls, Death Stranding, Sackboy A Big Adventure, Destruction All Stars, and Fall Guys. Additionally, players can also try out trials for Resident Evil Village and Demon Slayer.

In June, when Sony initially announced its plans to test PS5 game streaming, the company mentioned that the beta would include titles from the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and Game Trials, as well as supported digital PS5 titles owned by players. Sony also promised to add more games over time.

Although Sony stated that it would share more details, including a launch time frame, when ready, it seems they may have skipped that step. As the beta test unfolds, gamers are eagerly awaiting further updates from Sony regarding the official launch of the cloud gaming service.

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