Le nouveau trailer de la saison 2 de What If…? aime les clins d’œil à l’univers Marvel


It was widely expected that the Marvel animated series “What If…?” would make a return to Disney Plus with more stories from the far corners of the Marvel cinematic universe. However, the new season 2 trailer suggests that it will delve even deeper into the multiverse, connecting with the big multiverse moment that recent live-action films and series have explored.

While the first season focused on individual origin stories, the new trailer features unique variants of characters from films like “Black Panther,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and “Doctor Strange.” The Watcher, portrayed by Jeffrey Wright, is once again meddling with characters, keeping a close eye on these unique variants.

The focus on teams of characters who don’t typically work together is a key feature of the new season. The trailer hints at unexpected team-ups, as well as the search for a younger version of Peter Quill with powers never displayed by his live-action counterpart from the “Guardians” movies.

It’s also worth noting the brief flashes of old yet new faces like Hela and Wanda Maximoff, both of whom died unceremoniously at the end of their most recent films. These glimpses suggest that the show will bring back characters who previously seemed to be permanently gone, hinting at some significant twists in the Marvel franchise.

As Marvel delves deeper into its multiverse era, “What If…?” bringing back seemingly departed characters could signal monumental shifts in the franchise. For casual viewers, this might make the show’s second season a bit of a headache, but for those eagerly waiting to see if Marvel can pull it off, “What If…?” could be a sign of great things to come.

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– “What If…?” Season 2 Trailer, Marvel Studios Official Channel

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