La prochaine adaptation de Neil Gaiman par Netflix est Dead Boy Detectives.

# The Dead Boy Detectives: Teen Ghosts Haunt the Paranormal Realm

If you’re being haunted by a pesky ghost or feel like a demon has stolen your core memories, there’s a duo you may want to call: the Dead Boy Detectives. Meet Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland, “the brains” and “the brawn” behind this otherworldly agency. Born decades apart, these teenage best friends find each other only in death and together, they solve mysteries as ghosts.

# The Unlikely Heroes: Teenage Spirits with a Mission

Edwin Payne, portrayed by George Rexstrew, and Charles Rowland, played by Jayden Revri, are two ghosts who will stop at nothing to stick together, even if it means escaping evil witches, Hell, and Death herself. Their determination to remain together is admirable as they navigate the mortal realm’s most mystifying paranormal cases with the help of a clairvoyant named Crystal and her friend Niko.

# An Unconventional Team: Solving Mysteries Beyond the Grave

The Dead Boy Detectives agency is not your usual detective agency. With Edwin as the brains and Charles as the brawn, their unique abilities as ghosts give them an advantage when it comes to solving paranormal mysteries. However, they couldn’t do it alone without the assistance of Crystal, a clairvoyant with extraordinary abilities, and Niko, her trusted friend.

# Love and Loyalty Beyond Death: The Friendship of Edwin and Charles

The friendship of Edwin and Charles extends beyond the boundaries of life and death. Together, they are a formidable team, facing challenges and unraveling mysteries that were once thought to be unsolvable. Their courage and determination know no bounds as they navigate their way through the paranormal realm, leaving a mark on those they encounter.

# The Dead Boy Detectives: A Tale of Adventure and Mystery

The Dead Boy Detectives are not your typical teenage best friends. They are ghosts with a mission, determined to solve the most perplexing paranormal cases. With their unique abilities and the help of their friends, they embark on thrilling adventures that captivate and intrigue those who dare to follow their journey.

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