L’acquisition du jeu Puzzmo de Zach Gage s’intensifie dans l’espace des jeux de société dans les journaux.

# Hearst Acquisition of Puzzmo: The Battle over Newspaper-Style Puzzle Games Intensifies

The competition in the newspaper-style puzzle games industry is heating up as publishing giant Hearst, known for its publications like Cosmopolitan and Esquire, has recently acquired Puzzmo, a puzzle gaming platform led by indie developers Zach Gage and Orta Therox. This move pits Hearst directly against the gaming efforts of The New York Times, marking a significant development in the industry. The specific terms of the acquisition deal have not been disclosed, but it signals a strategic effort by Hearst to expand its presence in the gaming sector.

Puzzmo, which was launched in a limited beta form in October, aims to reinvent classic newspaper games and features a range of well-known titles designed by Gage, such as SpellTower, Really Bad Chess, and Typeshift, as well as a daily crossword puzzle. The platform also offers community features like leaderboards and multiplayer options, creating a space for players to engage with the games and build a community around them. This unique approach to newspaper-style puzzle games sets Puzzmo apart in the market.

As part of the acquisition, Gage and Therox will continue to develop Puzzmo, with plans to expand its availability to readers of over 50 Hearst publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle and Popular Mechanics. Furthermore, Hearst will license out Puzzmo games to other publishers, with deals structured to share revenue from subscriptions and advertising. This collaborative approach aims to create an extensive network of publishers offering Puzzmo games to a wide audience, demonstrating the scalability and appeal of the platform.

Notable publishers like Digg, Postmedia, and Polygon have already signed on to license the Puzzmo service, indicating a growing interest and potential for widespread adoption of the platform. This expansion to additional publishers aligns with Puzzmo’s goal of reaching a broad player base and delivering engaging puzzle games to a diverse audience.

Both Gage and Therox have expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition, emphasizing the potential for Puzzmo to connect with players across Hearst’s audience and beyond. They believe that the success of games like Wordle has demonstrated the significant market potential for newspaper-style puzzle games, providing an opportunity for Puzzmo to thrive and cater to the growing demand in the market.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Puzzmo by Hearst represents a significant milestone in the newspaper-style puzzle games industry, with the potential to shape the landscape of gaming offerings from leading publishers. This strategic move not only expands Hearst’s gaming portfolio but also sets the stage for a collaborative and innovative approach to delivering engaging puzzle games to a wider audience.

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