La PlayStation nous rappelle constamment pourquoi la propriété numérique est nulle.

## The Fragile Nature of Digital Ownership

In the past week, Sony has brought to our attention two significant incidents that highlight the precariousness of digital “ownership,” both related to content on PlayStation.

Last week, Sony announced that due to content licensing agreements, users would no longer be able to access Discovery content they had purchased. Additionally, this content would be removed from their libraries as of December 31st, 2023. The extensive list of shows that will suddenly vanish due to corporate agreements can be found on the PlayStation website. This unprecedented removal of purchased shows from streaming services has left users without access to content they bought to watch on demand.

Then, on Monday, many users were surprised to find themselves banned from their PlayStation Network accounts. This not only prevented them from playing multiplayer games or using cloud streaming but also locked them out of games they had bought digitally from Sony’s PlayStation marketplace. Despite Sony subsequently restoring account access to those who were mistakenly banned, the company has not provided any explanation for the incident or reassurance that similar unexpected bans will be prevented in the future.

The impermanence of digital “ownership” is not a new issue. Although accessing digital content is often more convenient than purchasing physical copies, it requires trust in platform holders to maintain their digital storefronts, the content within them, and their account systems to ensure continued access.

The recent closure of Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS eShops serves as a stark reminder that companies have the authority to determine access to digital content. Although customers can still redownload previously purchased games, it is likely that one day Nintendo will cease allowing this. The shutdown of Google Stadia also stands as a testament to the uncertainty of digital platforms.

Recently, PlayStation users have been particularly affected by the abrupt and seemingly unfair removal of purchased content. Sony’s decision to allow users only a few weeks to watch their purchased shows before they are removed from their library, without offering any compensation or a way to transfer purchases to another store, has caused frustration. Additionally, the sudden and unexplained bans on PlayStation Network accounts have raised concerns about the trustworthiness of the platform.

For years, many have favored digital content due to the convenience and lack of physical clutter. However, the increasing instances of companies revoking “purchased” digital content have led to a reconsideration of this preference.

With the fragility of digital “ownership” becoming more apparent, many are now contemplating a return to purchasing physical discs and cartridges.

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