Stubios est le nouveau nom du programme de studio alimenté par les fans de Tubi.

### Tubi’s New Initiative with Color Creative

Tubi has positioned itself as a standout player in the streaming world by offering a platform for independently-produced content, particularly from Black and brown filmmakers. To further expand its reach and elevate its offerings, Tubi has teamed up with Issa Rae’s Color Creative to launch a new initiative.

### The Stubios Incubator Program

Through Stubios, Tubi aims to support up-and-coming filmmakers by providing them with the resources and mentorship needed to bring their projects to life. Similar to Kickstarter, Stubios allows filmmakers to pitch their ideas to a wide audience and receive support based on interest levels. This approach democratizes the traditional studio system and emphasizes fan engagement as a crucial factor in project development.

### Mentorship and Support from Industry Leaders

Issa Rae will offer mentorship to the first cohort of filmmakers, known as “Stubiorunners,” guiding them through the production process. Tubi’s CEO, Anjali Sud, emphasizes the importance of creating inclusive and culturally relevant content to resonate with a diverse audience.

### Empowering Creatives and Encouraging Fan Participation

Stubios offers filmmakers the opportunity to upload their ideas and receive feedback from fans, ultimately leading to production support from Tubi. This innovative approach aims to remove financial barriers and empower creatives to tell their stories authentically.

### Experimenting with Fan Engagement and Platform Growth

Tubi sees Stubios as an experimental venture to explore the impact of community engagement on project success. By inviting fans to participate in decision-making processes, Tubi aims to create a more interactive and inclusive platform for both creators and viewers.

### Transparency and Community Building

By involving fans in the creative process, Tubi hopes to cultivate a sense of community and transparency. Through regular updates and behind-the-scenes content, Stubios aims to give fans a glimpse into the journey of emerging filmmakers.

### Ensuring a Safe and Inclusive Environment

Tubi is committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for feedback and engagement. By fostering positive relationships between creators and fans, Tubi aims to mitigate issues related to online harassment and bias.

### A New Era of Filmmaking

With Stubios, Tubi is ushering in a new era of filmmaking that prioritizes community, creativity, and inclusivity. By supporting diverse voices and offering a platform for underrepresented stories, Tubi is reshaping the landscape of streaming entertainment.

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