L’anime Terminator Zero de Netflix commence à être diffusé en août.

## Netflix Reveals New Anime Series: Terminator Zero

Netflix recently announced the release date of its new anime series *Terminator Zero,* set to premiere globally on August 29th. This date holds significance as it marks the 27th anniversary of the series’ Judgment Day, a pivotal moment in the cyborg apocalypse narrative.

### Plot Details

The show primarily takes place in 1997 Tokyo and incorporates elements from the *Terminator* movies. The storyline revolves around a soldier traveling back in time to protect a scientist named Malcolm Lee, who is working on developing a benevolent AI system to combat a destructive force threatening humanity. While the series deviates slightly from previous films, it retains the essence of the *Terminator* universe.

### Creative Weaponry

Writer Mattson Tomlin had to get creative with weaponry due to restrictions on gun usage in Japan. As a result, viewers can expect more sword fights, including battles with a Terminator equipped with blade arms.

### Acknowledging Past Films

Tomlin confirmed that the series acknowledges previous films in the franchise, including *Rise of the Machines* and *Dark Fate.* The show aims to explore a multi-generational saga following scientist Lee and his three children, potentially spanning across multiple seasons.

### Talented Team

*Terminator Zero* boasts a talented team behind the scenes, with Masashi Kudō as director and Production I.G handling animation. The studio’s impressive portfolio includes iconic works like the *Ghost in the Shell* film and *FLCL* anime series.

### Netflix’s Commitment to Anime

Netflix continues to invest heavily in anime content, with successful productions like *Cyberpunk* and upcoming adaptations of *Devil May Cry* and *Tomb Raider.* The platform’s foray into anime adaptations of popular series into live action has had mixed results.

### Conclusion

While Netflix has not yet revealed the voice actors for *Terminator Zero,* the series is set to consist of eight episodes upon its release later this year.

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