La série Disney Plus axée sur Vision de Marvel arrivera en 2026.

Marvel Series About Vision Coming to Disney Plus

According to a report by Variety, Terry Matalas, the executive producer of Star Trek: Picard, has been tapped to lead a new Marvel series centered around Vision on Disney Plus. This synthezoid Avenger, played by Paul Bettany, met his demise in Infinity War but was brought back to life in WandaVision.

Previous Plans for Vision Show

In 2022, Deadline revealed that another project titled Vision Quest was in the works, focusing on Vision’s quest to regain his lost memories. However, showrunner Jac Schaeffer’s attention shifted to Agatha All Along, leaving the Vision series untouched. Both Agatha All Along and the new Vision show will delve into storylines from WandaVision.

Casting and Release Date

While the cast for the upcoming series has yet to be announced, Marvel is aiming for a 2026 release on Disney Plus.

Marvel’s Vision Revived on Screen

Terry Matalas, the mastermind behind Star Trek: Picard, will steer a new Disney Plus Marvel series dedicated to Vision, the synthezoid Avenger portrayed by Paul Bettany. Despite his demise in Infinity War, Vision found new life in WandaVision.

Vision’s Journey Explored

Initially, plans were in motion for a show titled Vision Quest, shedding light on Vision’s quest to reclaim his forgotten memories. However, the focus shifted to Agatha All Along, with themes overlapping with the new Vision series based on events from WandaVision.

Awaited Cast Announcement

While details on the cast remain undisclosed, Marvel enthusiasts can anticipate the new series to premiere on Disney Plus in 2026.

Marvel Series on Vision Set for Disney Plus

In an exciting development, Terry Matalas, the creative force behind Star Trek: Picard, is set to helm a fresh Marvel series on Disney Plus spotlighting Vision, the synthetic Avenger played by Paul Bettany. Following his demise in Infinity War, Vision’s resurrection in WandaVision paves the way for a new narrative.

Unveiling Vision’s Past

Initially, plans were in place for a project known as Vision Quest, which would delve into Vision’s pursuit to recapture his lost memories. However, the focus shifted to Agatha All Along, intertwining storylines with the upcoming Vision series rooted in the world of WandaVision.

Cast Details and Premiere Date

While the lineup for the show remains under wraps, Marvel enthusiasts can mark their calendars for the series slated to debut on Disney Plus in 2026.

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