Le Major Nelson rejoint Unity

Larry Hryb’s New Role at Unity: Director of Community

Larry Hryb, also known as "Major Nelson," has recently announced his new job at Unity’s Community team, following his departure from Microsoft last year where he served as a public face for the Xbox brand.

Major Nelson’s Role at Microsoft

During his time at Microsoft, Hryb hosted the Official Xbox Podcast and shared updates about Xbox with his extensive following on X. His new job title at Unity is listed as "Director of Community," indicating that he will continue to be involved in community-building and brand ambassadorship.

Unity’s Mission and Larry Hryb’s Passion

In a recent LinkedIn post, Hryb expressed his excitement about joining Unity and highlighted the alignment of Unity’s mission with his own passion for innovation and community building. He emphasized Unity’s focus on empowering creators across various platforms, including games, apps, and experiences.

Collaboration and Innovation at Unity

Hryb is eager to collaborate with talented developers and creators using Unity’s tools to bring their visions to life. Together, they aim to transform the way stories are told and experiences are shared, reflecting Hryb’s commitment to innovation and community building.

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