Le personnage Sonic peut réellement tournoyer dans les nouveaux ensembles Lego.

LEGO bring Sonic to life with mini-level sets

LEGO has done it again, bringing to life another fan favorite with their new Sonic The Hedgehog sets. This is not the first time Sonic has been featured in LEGO form, as we have previously seen a Green Hill Zone recreation in 2021 and a tie-in for the LEGO Dimensions video game in 2016. However, LEGO’s Sonic line is now available for play, in a similar style as the LEGO Mario line.

Each set is loaded with references to the games, with the flagship $100 Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge set containing classic foes and a two-part Dr. Robotnik boss that can float or stand on legs. There are also forest creatures to rescue, and a table where Sonic and Amy can enjoy a chili dog. The most import feature is the launcher that sends a ball-encased Sonic spinning through a loop-the-loop, jumping through a ring, and bouncing over a bridge that Amy can pound to knock the fish out.

If you want a larger course or a much shorter one, there is the $35 Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge set, which gives you just the launcher, an arch, and a ramp with a breakable Chaos Emerald point, plus extra rings and spots for Sonic to DJ and eat a chili dog. The $40 set of Tails Workshop and Tornado Plane comes with Sonic’s partner Tails, and the flagship set has an exclusive Dr. Robotnik figure. For $50, Amy’s Animal Rescue Island has a waterfall slide, another Chaos Emerald hiding inside a triggerable trap, and a secret doorway, alongside Amy, Tails, and a crab enemy.

LEGO’s Sonic sets provide the ultimate play experience for fans of the franchise, with plenty of references to the games incorporated into each set. With the success of the recent Indiana Jones sets, LEGO is on a roll, and fans can only hope that the rumors of LEGO Legend of Zelda come true.

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