Peloton rappelle plus de 2 millions de vélos en raison de sièges défectueux.

# RECALL ALERT: Peloton Recalls Over 2 Million Bikes due to Safety Concerns

Peloton, known for its popular exercise equipment, including its infamous bike, recently issued a recall for approximately 2.2 million bikes. The recall comes after 35 reports of either the bike seats breaking or falling off during use. Of the 35 reports, 13 resulted in various injuries, including lacerations, bruises, and even a fractured wrist.

# Faulty Seat and Potential Danger

According to a Bloomberg report, the safety concern stemmed from a welding joint, where the seat connects to the bike frame. This joint was prone to break, leading to potentially hazardous outcomes. Peloton has already identified the affected models, which include PL-01 bike models sold through its website, Amazon, and Dick’s Sporting Goods retail and online stores.

# Contact Peloton for Free Post

Owners of Peloton bikes that fall under the recall are advised to stop using the device immediately and contact Peloton. According to Peloton’s official press release, the company will provide free post replacements, which owners can install themselves.

# No Impact on Bike Plus Owners

The recall does not affect Bike Plus owners or original Bike owners who purchased their bikes overseas. Customers who are still participating in the 30-day home trial or within the normal product return policy period can request a return. Meanwhile, Peloton’s proactive approach to the recall stands in stark contrast to how it managed 2021 Tread Plus and Tread recalls.

# Peloton’s Image

Peloton’s timing for the recall is unfortunate, given the company’s recent earnings call, where it announced a “brand relaunch” as part of its strategy to highlight its non-bike offerings. This latest recall also comes as Peloton is still trying to recover from its bleak performance in 2022. Peloton’s stock price fell by six percent following the news of the recall, which is unlikely to have a significant long-term impact on the company’s business, although it’s hardly restoring investor confidence in the beleaguered company.

# Conclusion

Peloton’s recall is a timely reminder of the importance of safety. The company’s proactive approach is commendable, and it should serve as a lesson for other companies in the fitness industry. However, this recall should not discourage enthusiasts from enjoying the many benefits of exercise. It highlights the need for consumers to carefully check equipment safety before use and to immediately report any concerns to the manufacturer.

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