Rien ne lance déjà une sous-marque plus abordable.


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**NOTHING**, the startup that has been around for a few years, is already making waves in the tech industry. The company’s CEO, Carl Pei, recently announced the launch of their new sub-brand, “CMF by Nothing,” during the company’s latest community update. This new brand aims to provide a range of affordable products with a focus on accessible design.

The first products to carry the “CMF by Nothing” branding will be a pair of earbuds and a smartwatch, both set to be released later this year. Pei promises to reveal more details about these products in the coming months. The term “CMF” stands for “Color, Material, and Finish,” which relates to a design philosophy of a similar name.

While the main NOTHING brand will continue to prioritize “design innovation” and “premium” products that incorporate the “latest technology,” CMF by Nothing will focus on offering products with a “clean design” that is affordable and boasts “trusted quality.”

In a video update, Pei did not provide many details about how NOTHING is able to expand into various product categories so rapidly. However, he mentioned that CMF by Nothing is operated by a separate team within the company to ensure there are no distractions from their main products.

In a previous interview, Pei expressed his ambitions to partner with other companies in the development of products, acting as external consumer tech consultants to assist with design, supply chain, and engineering challenges. By offering their expertise, NOTHING aims to make partnerships more enticing for potential collaborators.

This is not the first time that Pei has launched an affordable sub-brand within a tech company. Previously, while still at OnePlus, he successfully kickstarted the Nord sub-brand, which now offers a wide range of phones, earbuds, and even a smartwatch.

NOTHING’s move to launch a sub-brand reflects its commitment to providing consumers with more accessible product options without compromising on design or quality. As the company continues to expand, it will be interesting to see what other products they introduce under their new CMF brand.

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