Première bande-annonce de Pokémon Concierge avec des statistiques parfaites

# Pokémon Concierge: A Tropical Adventure

On a tropical island, pokémon take a break from their busy lives and visit a specialized resort called Pokémon Concierge, where Haru, a young woman, and her partner Psyduck, cater to the specific needs of their pokémon guests. As newcomers, they face challenges in tending to the desires of battle-hardened pokémon, while also navigating the dynamics with their co-workers, Alisa and Tyler.

# A Glimpse at the Pokémon

The trailer for Pokémon Concierge showcases a variety of pokémon that will make appearances in the show, and emphasizes the impeccable art direction and adorable vibes of the series. The standout element, however, is the catchy theme song, “Have a Good Time Here” by Mariya Takeuchi, which is bound to be stuck in everyone’s heads when the show debuts on Netflix on December 28th.

– Mariya Takeuchi’s official discography
– Pokémon Concierge trailer
– Netflix release schedule

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Un imagineur, Morgan Pope, utilise l’électromagnétisme pour susciter des émotions.

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