La TV OLED enroulable de LG à 100 000 $ est annulée.

### LG Stops Production of Signature OLED R TV

LG has recently announced that they will no longer be manufacturing the Signature OLED R TV, known for its unique ability to roll down and hide in its stand. This decision comes as the company has repurposed its manufacturing line for other TV models, as reported by Chosun.

### Growing Interest in Disappearing TVs

The trend of TVs that can seamlessly disappear in living spaces has been on the rise, exemplified by Samsung’s popular Frame TVs that can double as wall art. While LG’s rollable screen offered a cutting-edge design, its high price tag of $100,000 for a 65-inch 4K TV made it a luxury purchase that may not fit everyone’s lifestyle.

### LG’s History of Innovation

LG has a history of pushing the boundaries of display technology, from rollable OLED screens for smartphones and laptops to devices like the G Flex series of Android phones. While the era of rollable TVs may be over for LG, they continue to innovate with products like the briefcase TV. Despite this shift, LG remains a key player in the tech world.

### Stay Tuned for Future Developments

As LG transitions away from rollable TVs, consumers can expect new and exciting innovations from the tech giant in the future. Stay updated on the latest news and releases from LG as they continue to redefine the home entertainment experience.

– Chosun
– Samsung

Enjoy the latest updates in tech with LG as they pave the way for the future of home entertainment!

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