La comédie de voyage dans le temps Time Bandits de Apple commencera à être diffusée en streaming en juillet.

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Guided by Lisa Kudrow, the quirky group of outlaws embarks on grand adventures while facing dangers that threaten their way of life. TRANSPORTED THROUGH TIME AND SPACE, the Time Bandits encounter fascinating worlds of the distant past, relying on Kevin to navigate each situation. FROM THE CREATION OF STONEHENGE TO ESCAPING DINOSAURS IN THE PREHISTORIC ERA, the gang witnesses historical events like the Trojan Horse in action and medieval mayhem. EXPERIENCING ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS, THE ICE AGE, AND THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE, the Time Bandits traverse through various eras in search of treasure and excitement.

A thrilling journey through time and space

Accompanied by Lisa Kudrow, the eclectic team of thieves embarks on exciting escapades while facing various challenges along the way. Traveling through different TIME PERIODS AND LOCATIONS, the Time Bandits explore ancient civilizations, witness historical events, and encounter unique worlds from the past. WITH KEVIN GUIDING THEM THROUGH EACH ADVENTURE, the group experiences everything from the creation of Stonehenge to the wonders of the Harlem Renaissance.

Witnessing history in the making

Under the guidance of Lisa Kudrow and Kevin, the adventurous band of misfits witnesses significant events throughout history. FROM THE MYSTERY OF STONEHENGE TO THE WONDERS OF ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS, the Time Bandits travel through time and space to experience firsthand the marvels of different eras. WITH EACH ADVENTURE BRINGING NEW CHALLENGES AND EXCITEMENT, the group navigates through historical events like the Trojan Horse and the ice age with gusto and determination.

Discovering hidden treasures and ancient mysteries

Led by Lisa Kudrow and Kevin, the unconventional team of bandits embarks on a quest for treasure through time and space. EXPLORING ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS, NATURAL WONDERS, AND HISTORICAL EVENTS, the Time Bandits uncover hidden gems and priceless artifacts along the way. AS THEY TRAVERSE THROUGH VARIOUS ERAS AND LOCATIONS, the group encounters dinosaurs, medieval castles, and the vibrant culture of the Harlem Renaissance, adding to the excitement of their adventurous journey.


  • Original content inspired by the press article on Time Bandits guided by Lisa Kudrow.

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