Revue de Peridot : Le jeu préféré de Niantic est un Tamagotchi nouvelle génération.

Peridot: A High-Tech Pet Game from Niantic

Peridot is a new virtual pet game created by Niantic, the company behind the popular game Pokémon Go. The game features cute creatures called “dots” that have unique traits and magical powers. The main goal of the game is to raise a dot from an egg to an adult and help it survive in a world that is vastly different from the one it used to live in. The game employs location-based games and augmented reality to create a unique and engaging experience for players.

Raising a dot in Peridot is similar to taking care of a Tamagotchi. Players need to feed and play with their dot to keep it happy and healthy. Dots also have desires, which change regularly, and players need to satisfy these desires to help their pet grow. The game’s AR technology is truly impressive as it allows dots to interact with the real world in realistic ways. Dots can recognize different surfaces and objects, and players can even teach them tricks.

While Peridot is enjoyable in the short term, its long-term appeal is questionable. The pet-raising process is too fast and simple, and there isn’t much to do with the dot once it becomes an adult. The game’s breeding simulator aspect seems to be the main focus, where players can breed their dots to create pets with unique patterns and characteristics. The game includes Niantic’s social app, Campfire, which allows players to connect with others and breed their dots together.

Peridot is free to play, but players can purchase virtual goods such as extra food and toys, as well as nests required to hatch new creatures. The game is also featured with an Amazon store for buying physical goods such as Peridot shirts. While the breeding aspect of the game could be engaging for players who love to collect things, the actual pet-raising part of Peridot needs more features and additional developments to keep the players engaged.

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