Pourquoi les jeux vidéo tombent-ils toujours?


As gamers, we’ve likely noticed that many newer games have “Fall” in their titles. While there may be some tongue-in-cheek irony in this trend, it’s more likely due to a lack of creativity on the part of developers.

ASHFALL, LORDS OF THE FALLEN, and ATLAS FALLEN – the very names evoke images of slumping, drooping, and descending. It’s a formula that has been used by big studios for the past few years, and it’s beginning to get old.

Recent releases have shown that the trend is only increasing. AFTER THE FALL, a VR shooter, launched in February, and soon to follow is the release of the much infamous game REDFALL, a co-op looter shooter that was not received well by gamers.

One would think that there are numerous other words in the English language that would be equally as enticing. “Plummet,” “tumble,” and “topple over” would all be fitting alternatives. Imagine titles like Ashplummet and Lords of the Tumble? Makes one curious why game studios stick with “fall.”

What do these games even offer apart from the fantasy world that seems familiar? It’s the typical RPG setting, filled with the regular loot expected. Is it no wonder we’re tired of it all?

Godfall, a 2020 action RPG looter-slasher, might have boosted the trend, but as we see, it’s time to move on. At the very least, let us relegate the word “fall” to the subtitles, as seen in games like Wo Long and Destiny 2: Lightfall.

It’s time we demand more creativity and effort in titling games. While we may allow grandfathered titles like Fallout and Fall Guys that have existed since the dawn of gaming, everyone else needs to find a new word to jazz up their games.

One can only hope that developers can come up with better ideas for their titles than merely slapping “fall” on them. We must embrace newer ideas to progress in the field of game creation.

In conclusion, we see that game titles nowadays are too repetitive. There is a need to be more creative and inventive in the names of games.

What do you think?

Written by Barbara

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