L’interface améliorée du glyph de Nothing Phone 2 explorée dans une nouvelle vidéo


**Nothing**, the technology company known for its innovative designs and unique approach to smartphones, is preparing to officially announce its highly anticipated Phone 2 on **July 11th**[^1^]. However, popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee has already provided an early hands-on video, giving viewers an in-depth look at the new smartphone’s features, specifically focusing on the flashing light interface integrated into the back of the phone. This revamped interface, known as *Glyph*, has undergone significant enhancements compared to its predecessor, *Phone 1*[^1^][^2^].

While the Glyph interface retains the same basic design concept, it now incorporates more zones of LED lighting, allowing for greater control over the phone’s lighting effects. This time around, the *Phone 2* boasts an impressive 33 lighting zones compared to the previous model’s 12 zones[^2^]. This increase in zones enables the phone to display varying levels of volume or the progress of a timer within the curved strip of light on the upper right side of the phone’s back[^2^]. Additionally, third-party apps such as Uber and the Indian restaurant app Zomato will soon be able to utilize this light strip as a progress bar, enhancing user experience and functionality[^2^].

Notably, users will also have the ability to designate an “essential app” of their choice, which will cause notifications from that app to illuminate the top right light strip on the back of the phone. This feature allows for selective customization, ensuring that only desired notifications trigger the lighting effect, enhancing efficiency and reducing unnecessary distractions[^3^].

Design-wise, the *Phone 2* maintains the aesthetic appeal of its predecessor, the *Phone 1*, with a few notable tweaks. The non-white variant now exhibits a slightly more grayish tone, complementing its sleek and modern appearance. Additionally, the phone’s back has undergone a subtle rounding, further enhancing its ergonomics and grip[^3^].

Marques Brownlee’s video serves as a valuable addition to Nothing’s comprehensive announcements regarding the *Phone 2*. Recent updates have revealed exciting features, including a transparent USB-C cable, guaranteed support for 3 years of Android updates, 4 years of security updates, and a powerful Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor[^4^]. Notably, the Phone 2 will also be available in the United States, unlike its predecessor[^4^][^5^].

Stay up to date with Nothing’s announcements and explore the complete list of specifications, rumors, and features of the *Phone 2* on independent news platforms[^5^]. With its unique and innovative Glyph interface, enhanced features, and availability in the US, the Phone 2 is undoubtedly poised to make a lasting impact in the smartphone market.

*Image: Nothing Phone 2 in white and gray[^1^].*

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