L’IA propose de nouveaux outils pour créer des jeux, mais les développeurs sont inquiets quant à leur emploi.

AI struggles to accurately depict hands in images and often creates six-fingered or four-fingered versions, or even just wispy ends that blend into the background. The technology has also been used to program Western 1940s-era smiles onto people from various cultures and reshape existing images based on certain prompts. Video game developers and AI companies aim to use these tools to accelerate game development and address the issue of video game crunch, which often involves tedious, time-consuming tasks. However, industry insiders warn that the rapid pace at which AI technology is advancing could make it even more difficult for aspiring developers to break into the industry.

AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in the industry, with Ubisoft recently unveiling an AI tool named Ghostwriter that assists writers in iterating on one line of dialogue in ten different ways. Though useful, this tool could also lead to potential job loss in a field that is already notoriously underpaid and challenging to enter. While AI-powered software may help alleviate some of the pain points experienced by game developers, it does not solve the underlying issue of the high costs and time-consuming nature of creating games.

AI also presents concerns regarding regulation and responsibility. With regulators beginning to examine the potential impact of advanced technology, the issue of who is responsible for the content and how it is being created must be addressed. It is currently important to monitor and stress test systems to ensure that emergent behaviors do not cause unexpected issues. Ultimately, while AI is currently aiding and simplifying certain tasks in game development, it is still important for humans to remain in control of the process.

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