La saison 3 de The Witcher a été divisée en deux parties car les “cliffhangers n’existent pas vraiment” en streaming.

# A New Trend at Netflix: Splitting Seasons and the Elimination of Cliffhangers

**A New Approach to Releasing Series on Netflix**

Netflix seems to be embracing a new trend in its release strategy. While the company originally gained popularity by dropping entire seasons of shows for binge-watching, it has recently been experimenting with different ways of releasing series. For example, the hit spinoff of *League of Legends*, *Arcane*, was turned into a three-week event, and *Stranger Things 4* was split into two parts when it premiered in May.

**The Witcher Season 3 Will Be Split into Two Volumes**

Now, Netflix’s highly anticipated *The Witcher* season 3 is following this trend – the first volume will premiere on June 29th, with the second volume releasing in July.

**From *Stranger Things* to *The Witcher*: The Decision to Split the Season**

According to executive producer Steve Gaub, the decision to split *The Witcher*’s third season into two volumes was partly influenced by the success of *Stranger Things*. However, this wasn’t the original plan. It was during the production process that the team realized the season had a natural midpoint that would lend itself well to division.

**The Absence of Cliffhangers in a Streaming World**

“In a streaming world, cliffhangers don’t really exist,” explains Gaub. When viewers can immediately play the next episode, the anticipation, discussion, and online chatter that arise from a cliffhanger are lost. To provide fans with that sense of satisfaction and the opportunity for conversation, the decision was made to split *The Witcher* season 3 into two volumes.

**The Social Experience of Weekly Episode Releases**

Releasing episodes weekly has long been argued to generate sustained discussion and increased attention. When viewers can watch episodes at their own pace, there is less communal excitement around each installment. Shows like HBO’s *The Last of Us*, which release episodes weekly, benefit from fans engaging in conversations on social media as soon as each episode drops.

**Learning from Past Seasons: Applying Lessons to Season 4**

“While we were shooting, *Stranger Things* had come out, and they had split their season. And it was like, ‘well, that’s intriguing’,” shared Gaub. The success of other split seasons influenced the decision to divide *The Witcher* season 3. Additionally, executive producer Tomek Baginski reveals that each season of *The Witcher* contributes to a continuous learning process. The team incorporates these lessons, both in terms of character development and technical aspects, into each new season. Season 4 promises to introduce several exciting cliffhangers, although the decision regarding its release structure has not yet been finalized.

**A New Option for Future Shows on Netflix**

The success of the split release strategy for *The Witcher* opens up possibilities for future shows on Netflix. However, the default approach for big shows on the platform remains to release all episodes at once, as seen with recent major releases like *Wednesday* and the *Bridgerton* spinoff, *Queen Charlotte*. The decision to split a season into volumes depends on how well it suits the specific show. For instance, the upcoming season 4 of *The Witcher*, which will feature Liam Hemsworth as the new lead, may follow this structure, although it has yet to be confirmed.

**Ongoing Learning: The Evolution of Each Season**

“We learn a little bit more about the characters, the Continent, what works and what doesn’t work, also on a purely technical level,” says Baginski. The team continuously incorporates new insights gained from each season into future installments. Season 4 of *The Witcher* capitalizes on lessons learned, offering several thrilling cliffhangers. However, the decision on how to release this season has not been finalized.

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