Microsoft semble croire que nous aurons une version “PS5 Slim” cette année.

# Microsoft predicts the release of a PS5 Slim model at $399.99

Microsoft has submitted documents as part of the ongoing FTC v. Microsoft hearing, revealing its belief that Sony will release a PS5 Slim model later this year. According to Microsoft, the console is expected to be priced at $399.99. However, it is currently awaiting the ruling on the case.

# Sony rumored to release a PS5 Slim model without a disc drive

Insider Gaming had previously reported that Sony was preparing to launch a detachable disc drive version of the PS5 in September 2023. Recent speculation suggests that Sony may consider making this slimmer version of the console the default model, giving customers the option to choose between a bundled drive or purchasing one separately. Currently, customers can only choose between the $399 PS5 Digital Edition and the $499 PS5 with a disc drive, with no option to add a drive later.

# Microsoft’s prediction of a handheld PlayStation 5 device

Microsoft’s documents also mention Sony’s plans to release a handheld version of the PS5 priced at under $300. However, this statement from Microsoft may not be entirely accurate. Sony is actually planning a handheld device that can stream PS5 games over Wi-Fi from a PS5 console, rather than a standalone handheld PS5. Microsoft does not provide any external sources for its findings regarding the timing or pricing of the PS5 Slim.

# Leaks and spills in the ongoing FTC v. Microsoft case

In the ongoing FTC v. Microsoft case, confidential Sony documents were mistakenly not properly redacted, leading to the exposure of details such as revenue sharing agreements with publishers, Call of Duty revenues, and game development costs. This is not the first time that secrets have been revealed in the case, highlighting the potential for confidential information to be exposed.

Please note that the information provided in this article is based on Microsoft’s statements and rumors, and should be taken with caution until official confirmation from Sony.

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