Même le producteur de Final Fantasy joue à Zelda.

# Yoshida Spotted Playing Zelda on New Switch Model

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During the downtime of a recent livestream event for Final Fantasy XIV, game director Yoshida was caught on camera playing on the new Zelda-themed OLED Switch. Fans were naturally thrilled to see this, and the hashtag “吉田ゼルダ” (Yoshida Zelda) began trending in Japan.

As a producer, Yoshida regrettably had to put down the Switch to conduct the Live Letter stream without distraction. However, a close-up of the Switch screen revealed that Yoshida had either just started playing the game or had invested a lot of time into building up character power before the game’s Japanese launch.

Speaking of games, for those who are more interested in the upcoming patch 6.4 for Final Fantasy XIV, the Live Letter event can be watched on YouTube.

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– “Yoshida Spotted Playing Zelda on New Switch Model.” Gaming Intel.

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