Among Us est en train d’être transformé en série animée.

# Preview and Concept of the Show

**Here’s what to expect from the upcoming show, according to Variety**: it appears to be an adaptation of the popular video game. The premise of the show is based on the game, which involves the presence of an alien shapeshifter among the crew. This imposter intends to sow confusion, sabotage the ship, and kill everyone on board. The objective is to identify and expose the “Impostor” before falling victim to its murderous agenda.

# Intrigue and Questions

**The practical execution of this premise raises some questions**: Will one of the beloved “Among Us” beans become a main character? What will their name be? Will viewers become attached to them before they meet a gruesome demise at the hands of the Impostor? Given the lighthearted nature of the video game, it is likely that the show will explore these ideas in a playful manner.

# Animation and Production Details

The animation for this show will be handled by Titmouse, known for their work on shows like “Big Mouth” and “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” as reported by Variety. While the network or streaming service where the show will be available has not been finalized, discussions are currently underway. In an announcement on Innersloth’s website, Owen Dennis, the creator of “Infinity Train,” has been appointed as the show’s creator and executive producer.

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