L’événement estival de Fortnite propose des cornets de glace et de mignons lézards.

Summer is now in full swing in Fortnite, and Epic Games has launched its annual summer event, known as Summer Escape. This exciting event brings several changes to the game, along with exciting freebies that players can unlock. The event will be running until July 18th.

The most noticeable gameplay tweak in this event is the addition of ice cream cones, which, just like in previous events, provide various abilities when consumed. Additionally, the in-game flare guns have been replaced with firework-shooting ones, adding a festive touch to the game.

As is customary, the real highlight of this event lies in the quests, which offer attractive unlockables and valuable experience points. New quests will be introduced every few days, providing players with the opportunity to earn summer-themed wraps, trails, loading screens, and most importantly, a delightful companion in the form of a cute little lizard. Here’s a breakdown of what players can expect to obtain:

### For Season Pass Holders:
Starting from July 6th, owners of the current season’s battle pass will be able to unlock the relaxed version of Meowscles, one of Fortnite’s popular characters. This laid-back version is sure to add a touch of chill to your gameplay.

### For Fortnite Crew Subscribers:
Fortnite Crew subscribers will be delighted to discover a brand new banana backpack waiting for them as a free reward. Simply logging into the game will grant you this trendy accessory.

### New Skins in the Item Store:
In anticipation of the summer vibes, the item store will introduce two fresh summer-themed skins for players to purchase. These skins will surely enhance your gaming experience and allow you to show off your unique style.

Remember that Fortnite is currently in the midst of Chapter 4: Season 3, which commenced in June. This season presents a captivating jungle theme on the battle royale island, complete with mud, dinosaurs, and even Transformers. It’s an exciting and immersive experience that players won’t want to miss.

At a glance, the Summer Escape event promises an enjoyable time for every Fortnite enthusiast. From the tantalizing freebies to the captivating quests and overall gameplay tweaks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, grab your controller and dive into the summertime fun!

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