Le premier aperçu de la fuite de l’assistant AI portable dépourvu d’écran de Humane.

# Humane unveils wearable gadget with AI-powered personal assistant

Humane, a startup founded by former Apple employees, Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, has given a live presentation of its new wearable device. Humane’s device boasts a projected display and AI-powered features, which act as a personal assistant. Chaudhri presented the device on stage during a TED talk, with recording shared by various news outlets. Humane’s device is set to release to the public on April 22nd.

# A standalone device built entirely for AI

Chaudhri, Chairman and President of Humane, introduced the new device as a platform built from the ground up for artificial intelligence. Unlike current mobile phones, the device is standalone and does not require pairing with an external device, such as a smartphone.

# Voice and gesture-based interaction

The device can be activated through voice or gesture-based interaction, removing the need for a traditional touchscreen interface. Chaudhri demonstrated using the device in his breast pocket, tapping it instead of a wake word, before issuing voice commands. The device also supports gesture commands.

# Projecting and identifying objects

The device includes a camera and is able to project a screen onto nearby surfaces. During the presentation, Chaudhri received a phone call, which the device projected onto his hand. The camera can also identify objects in the world around it, as demonstrated by the device identifying a chocolate bar and advising Chaudhri whether or not to eat it based on his dietary requirements.

# Translation demonstration

Chaudhri demonstrated the device’s translation capability, holding down a button, saying a sentence and then waiting as the device read out the same sentence in French. In the clip, it is unclear how one activates this functionality.

# Screenless, seamless, and sensing

Chaudhri stated that the experience of the device is “screenless, seamless, and sensing, allowing you to access the power of compute while remaining present in your surroundings, fixing a balance that’s felt out of place for some time now.” Humane’s device aims to allow users to interact with their personal assistant, while remaining connected to the world around them.

# Conclusion

Humane’s device provides an interesting departure from current mobile device technology. The projection feature and AI-powered personal assistant may prove valuable in situations where situational awareness and limited screen availability are essential. However, the device’s usability in public and fast-paced environments remains unclear, and it may not be able to replace traditional mobile devices fully.

– Inverse
– Axios

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