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# Instagram’s rumored text-based Twitter competitor: A sneak peek

Have you heard the news? Instagram may be on the verge of launching its own text-based app to rival Twitter. Thanks to Lia Haberman, who shared some intriguing details in her ICYMI Substack newsletter[^1], we now have an idea of what this potential competitor might look and feel like.

## Leaked marketing slide reveals insights

According to the leaked marketing slide shared by Haberman, the app, which is yet to be given a separate name, is referred to as “Instagram’s new text-based app for conversations.” However, it appears that the app is codenamed P92 or Barcelona, as revealed by Haberman[^1].

## Seamless integration with Instagram

If this news wasn’t exciting enough, Haberman also disclosed that users will be able to seamlessly sign in to the new app using their existing Instagram username and password. But that’s not all – your followers, handle, bio, and verification status will also effortlessly transfer over from the main Instagram app[^1].

These details certainly pique our curiosity about Instagram’s potential venture into the realm of text-based conversations. Stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds!

##### Sources:
[^1]: [Lia Haberman – ICYMI: Instagram’s new app could be…](

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