Critique de « Mes aventures avec Superman » : un enchantement charmant inspiré du shonen


**When it comes to Superman, it’s hard to create a reimagination that appeals to fans of different comic book eras. He is a timeless hero deeply cherished by DC fans who have formed strong attachments to him over the years. Each person’s perception of what is “right” or “true” to the character depends on when and how they were introduced to him. With Superman’s long history, there are numerous variations of him in DC’s comics.**

DC and Warner Bros. Discovery have recently released a new Superman series, “My Adventures with Superman,” executive produced by Sam Register. However, it’s natural to be skeptical when witnessing attempts to freshen up and simultaneously pay homage to his early days as a symbol of hope. In the midst of WBD’s announcement of another live-action Superman project, it is tempting to dismiss “My Adventures with Superman” as a playful, introductory show for younger viewers. Nevertheless, in its initial episodes, this anime-inspired, Studio Mir-produced series reveals much more depth. It presents one of the most authentic and human depictions of Clark Kent, resonating with the essence of the character in 2023.

The story is set in a world where supervillains and metahumans are just emerging, and it follows the early adventures of young Daily Planet interns Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Clark Kent in their pursuit of becoming renowned journalists in Metropolis.

As aspiring journalists working at the prestigious Daily Planet, Lois, Jimmy, and Clark understand that impressing their editor, Perry White, is crucial for their careers. They all possess commendable traits – Lois is daring, Jimmy is attentive to details, and Clark is hardworking. However, Perry still sees them as inexperienced cub reporters, which motivates each of them, primarily Lois, to take matters into their own hands.

Rather than radically altering the core characters, “My Adventures with Superman” rejuvenates the Superman origin story by exploring the lives of the individuals surrounding Clark. It delves into his quest to comprehend his origins and understand his superhuman abilities. Clark is portrayed by Jack Quaid as a polite, slightly awkward man with a gentle and boyish demeanor. The series does not hasten to provide him with all the answers, as it recognizes that viewers are already familiar with Superman’s future.

What sets “My Adventures with Superman” apart is its focus on Lois, Jimmy, and their work at the Daily Planet. The show effortlessly transforms what would have been a conventional coming-of-age Superman story into a dynamic narrative, taking inspiration from series like “Dragon Ball Z” and “Sailor Moon.”

Similar to Son Goku and Usagi, Clark’s endearing clumsiness is part of his core identity, just like his extraordinary powers and his urge to help others. While Clark’s Kryptonian physiology empowers him, it is his connections with others that truly make him powerful. The show emphasizes this by placing Lois and Jimmy at the forefront, rather than relegating them to supporting roles.

Alongside lighthearted moments and hints of romance, “My Adventures with Superman” also offers gripping action scenes. Clark faces numerous villains as a budding vigilante, each of whom presents unique challenges due to the peculiarities of his superpowers. The series reimagines Clark’s powers and unwavering compassion for others in a way that intertwines them organically. This marks a refreshing departure from the brutal depiction of Superman seen in recent films, aligning more closely with the ideals of the character’s creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

“My Adventures with Superman” features a talented cast, including Jeannie Tirado, Kiana Madeira, Michael Emerson, Chris Parnell, Reid Scott, Kari Wahlgren, Zehra Fazal, and Jason Marnocha. The show airs on Thursday nights on Adult Swim and is available on Max the following day.

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