Près de 400 malades ont déjà terminé Baldur’s Gate 3.

# Player Stats for Baldur’s Gate 3: Revealing the Fascinating Details

Larian Studios recently unveiled an array of intriguing player statistics for Baldur’s Gate 3, a sprawling RPG renowned for its 10,000 unique endings and 174 hours of cutscenes. These statistics encompassed various aspects, including the breakdown of classes and races, the total number of hours played, and even the number of times players interacted with the in-game canine companion. Let’s delve into the captivating insights provided by Larian Studios.

**The Most Popular Race and Class**
According to Larian’s report, the most favored race among players is the half-elf, affectionately referred to as the “spicy human.” As for classes, the paladin claims the top spot. Notably, players have collectively spent a staggering 88 years customizing their characters. Such dedication suggests that players are invested in crafting unique and engaging personas, rather than settling for generic human avatars.

**Origins and Personalized Characters**
In Baldur’s Gate 3, players have the option to either create their own characters or embark on their journeys as pre-made “origin” characters who double as party members. Surprisingly, 93% of players opted for creating their own characters. However, among the origin characters available, Gale emerged as the most popular choice. Despite this, some players find Gale less enthralling, perhaps due to his pompous demeanor. Interestingly, Gale has also proven lethal to players, ranking seventh in causing player deaths. It is crucial for sorcerers to hone their spellcasting skills while contending with him.

**Underrated Origins and Romantic Bonds**
Lae’zel, on the other hand, experienced a different fate. She not only received the least amount of attention as an origin character but was even subjected to a spelling error by Larian Studios themselves. Despite her initial unlikable and belligerent nature, Lae’zel grew on players after resolving conflicts with Shadowheart. Nevertheless, her advances were met with skepticism, emphasizing the importance of building trust and establishing emotional connections.

**Romantic Ventures and Astarion**
Surprisingly, Astarion, the game’s “free-loving” character, rejected the advances of approximately 100,000 players. It seems that his disdain for virtuous and moral personas struck a chord with many players, considering their predominantly “goody two-shoes” tendencies. Astarion’s character serves as a testament to the complexity and diversity of relationships players can encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3.

**Player Choices: The Druid’s Grove and Hidden Rewards**
When presented with the choice to save the Druid’s Grove, 65% of players opted for this seemingly “good” option. However, some players experienced disappointment when redeeming their reward after rescuing the grove’s leader, Halsin. It turns out that they had already acquired the rare spear reward through other means, highlighting the importance of patience and strategic decision-making.

**Extraordinary Achievements and Alarming Statistics**
Among the countless fascinating statistics revealed, one in particular raised concerns: 368 players managed to finish Baldur’s Gate 3 within a mere three-day weekend, equating to a combined playtime of 1225 years. Although Larian Studios did not elaborate on the methods employed by these accomplished players, it is plausible that they employed a combination of stealth, strategic skips, and persuasive tactics to expedite their progress. For many other players, reaching the game’s conclusion remains a distant vision, as they continue to relish the vast and immersive world crafted by Larian Studios.

-Larian Studios’ blog

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