Le PDG de Nintendo affirme que ses comptes en ligne sont la clé de sa prochaine transition vers une nouvelle console.


# Introduction

Nintendo’s President, Shuntaro Furukawa, recently responded to an investor’s query regarding the company’s plans for transitioning to a successor to their popular gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. In his response, Furukawa acknowledged the challenges of retaining their customer base during console transitions and emphasized the importance of maintaining strong customer relationships. He also highlighted the cross-platform capabilities of Nintendo Accounts and expressed the company’s commitment to ensuring a smooth transition for users.

# Maintaining Customer Relationships

Furukawa acknowledged the difficulty of transitioning customers from one console generation to another. He noted that in the past, Nintendo had to rebuild its relationship with customers each time a new console was launched. This signifies that the company faced challenges in retaining its user base during such transitions.

# Cross-Platform Nintendo Accounts

Highlighting the significance of Nintendo Accounts, Furukawa stated that more than 290 million Nintendo Accounts are cross-platform, allowing users to access console games as well as mobile apps. This emphasizes the flexibility and convenience provided by Nintendo Accounts, enabling users to have a unified gaming experience across different platforms.

# Commitment to a Smooth Transition

Furukawa assured investors that, even during the transition to the company’s next-generation console (which has yet to be announced), Nintendo would strive to make the process as seamless as possible for customers. This commitment demonstrates Nintendo’s dedication to ensuring a positive user experience during console upgrades.

# Nintendo’s Technological Integration Challenges

The article highlights Nintendo’s historical delayed adoption of new technologies compared to its competitors. For instance, the company has integrated features like cloud saves and 4K gaming later than Microsoft and Sony. Additionally, Nintendo’s online accounts are considered outdated in comparison. Both Microsoft and Sony have offered persistent cross-generational accounts for years, unlike Nintendo.

# Previous Console Transitions

Nintendo’s past solutions for console transitions have been described as messy and convoluted. For example, when moving games from the Wii to the Wii U, users had to go through complicated procedures. These instances have indicated the need for Nintendo to catch up with industry standards and improve the user experience during console transitions.

# Conclusion

Nintendo’s recognition of the challenges in transitioning between consoles and their commitment to maintaining strong customer relationships indicates their dedication to providing a smooth and user-friendly experience. As the company evolves and prepares for its next-generation console, the lessons learned from previous transitions will likely guide their efforts in ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for their loyal user base.

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